Preschool training

What a privilege to teach the Bible to a young child! 

At this age: A child will associate church with a "feeling" rather than a learning experience or coming to see friends. 

You can create a FUN and LOVING environment as these little ones learn the basics of "Jesus Loves Me".

In this section you will find training for:

1. The Essentials:

  • Classroom Ratios
  • Preschool Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures
  • Preschool Classroom Routine
  • The Check In/Out Procedure
  • Younger and Older Preschool Sample Schedules
  • Who to ask for help

2. The Specifics:

  • Worship Training
  • Bible Teacher Training
  • Activity Training
  • Classroom Management
  • Sharing the Gospel With a Preschooler


classroom ratios

Have no fear! we won't assign you to 20 kids! The teacher to preschooler ratio is as follows:

Toddlers (2 yrs): 1 adult to 4 kids

Preschoolers (3-5): 1 adult to 6 kids

To ensure the safety of the children in the classroom (and sanity of the team) we stick to these ratios. 

If a class begins to get too large, a sign will be posted on the classroom door saying "Class is full but parents, if you can stay, your child can play"

what's important

The Preschool Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures has the most helpful information for the Nursery.

Don't walk into a classroom blind! Begin to familiarize yourself with the Preschool Classroom Routine .

While it may seem like a lot to remember, don't worry! As you help in a preschool class, these procedures will seem a lot easier to follow.

who to ask for help

We recommend asking the Classroom Team Lead for direction. The Team Lead is knowledgeable in all of our policies, procedures and can help answer almost any question you might have. 

If you and the Team Lead need help... radio the Coordinator

Every service has a Coordinator that helps support all of our team. Call them using the radio for help such as:

  • Paging a parent for pickup
  • Help checking in a new family
  • Bringing over supplies
  • Bringing more team members in to keep the class ratio at a safe number
  • Injuries
  • Etc.

The Team Lead and Coordinators are here to help you and your class! 


  • Worship Training

    Below, you will find songs, videos, and documents to help prepare you for leading the worship time for a Preschool class. 

    Preschool Worship

    Preschool Music

    Check out our Youtube Playlist to see our list of recommended songs for preschoolers at Maranatha Chapel.

    For even more training... check out the page Specific Giftings under "Worship".

  • bible teacher training

    The attention span of a Preschooler is as long as their age. For example: a 4 year old has a 4 minute attention span. 

    Here is a list of ways to keep them engaged while you teach a lesson:

    10 Bee's of Storytelling


    Preschool Bible Teaching Methods

    Engaging Kids in the Story

  • activity training

    Don't forget! The attention span of a Preschooler is as long as their age. Here's different ways to keep activity time interesting: 

    Memory Verses for Preschoolers


    Games for Preschoolers

    Activities for Preschoolers

  • classroom Management

  • Sharing the Gospel with a preschooler

    If you can share the gospel with a 3 year old, you can share the gospel with ANYONE! Here is a list of various videos and demonstrations to help share the gospel.

    How To Share The Gospel