Maranatha kids Resource Site

I am so excited about this website! The purpose of the site is to allow the hundreds of volunteers in the ministry to be unified in the vision and implementation of the program in a way that blesses families and glorifies God.

Our hope is that from the comfort of your own home you will take time to explore the content on this site for clarity and training in how you are to conduct yourself in the classroom. This site shows some of the best practices we have learned when working with children to make the Bible come alive in their hearts and minds.

Below are some examples of a few documents that we hope will help keep everyone on the same page.

As you navigate around the website, the goal is for the content to bless you and the kids in your classrooms as well as provide clarity for how we as a church would like to see the ministry run.

If you're unable to find the content that you are looking for,

or you have suggestions for more content that would be helpful to you, please contact Pastor Jonathan.

858-613-7800 x155