elementary training

the essentials

classroom ratios

The Teacher to Kid ratio is as follows:

what's important

The following documents hold the most helpful information for serving in an Elementary aged class:

  • Check In/Out
  • Classroom Routine
  • Class Schedule
  • Rules

Don't feel like you need to remember everything on these pages before serving! As you help in a class, this information will gradually be remembered.

who to ask for help

We recommend asking the Classroom Team Lead for direction. The Team Lead is knowledgeable in all of our policies, procedures and can help answer almost any question you might have. 


If you and the Team Lead need help... radio the Coordinator

Every service has a Coordinator that helps support all of our team. Call them using the radio for help such as:

  • Paging a parent for pickup
  • Help checking in a new family
  • Bringing over supplies
  • Bringing more team members in to keep the class ratio at a safe number
  • Injuries
  • Etc.

The Team Lead and Coordinators are here to help you and your class! 

bonus training