Maranatha Kids Club is a place for the children of volunteers. The club is an alternative to having the kids go to two services on a weekend while their parents help serve in the Children's Ministry at church.

The goal of the club is to partner with parents in creating a fun, safe, and encouraging environment for their kids as they help serve on campus. We don't want our volunteering families to have kids that are "burnt out" on coming to church learning the same lesson twice in one morning. 

Below you will find answers about the kids club as well as details on their activities on a normal Sunday.


What do they do?

Drop off begins around 8:10 am. Mornings start off with breakfast and free time. 

Around 9:15 am, everyone gathers together for "official club time" with prayer requests, group activities or games, and choosing a chore for the morning. 

After cleaning up their mess, everyone heads to the playground until kids are checked into their 2nd service classroom at 10:20 am. 

What difference does the club make?

From what we've seen since the kids club has started, the club builds strong relationships. 

Be it teacher-to-kid, kid-to-kid, or family-to-church... when kids are happy to come to church, the parents are encouraged and the family bond becomes stronger.

The kids club exists to encourage our serving parents and strengthen their family bond.

When are the kids picked up?

Serving at church can be a very rushed thing. 

We want to make it as easy for our serving families as possible by having them drop off their kids in the club at 8:10 am then picking them up in their normal 2nd service classrooms after service finishes.


for kids ages k-3rd grade

This is an age group we've seen to be very easy on keeping the activities and relationships age appropriate. 

Kids that are in 4th grade or above are encouraged to serve in a class with their parents.

activities for all

Board games, magnatiles, play dough, doll houses, indoor basketball, or drawing are all part of our everyday free time activities. We also have certain "themed" days where kids can bring a toy to church, face paint, etc. that happen about once a month.

continental breakfast

Kids club meets in a classroom that serves a continental style breakfast with cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, apple sauce, fruit, cereal bars, water, and juice. 

We meet the needs of kids with food allergies.