Covid-19 parent resources

For the month of March, Maranatha Chapel will have a temporary break in our normal services and Bible studies. Our response to the threat is not based on fear, but on love and consideration for our church members and community, and respect for government authorities. We also want to be good stewards of the health resources available, helping to preserve critical health services for those who will need them most.


While this is an unexpected situation, we want to provide parents resources in this situation. 

We are encouraging two strategies during this time:

  1. Having church at home
  2. Intentional talks

Click on the two links above for more details on the subjects and please feel free to share these resources with other parents. 

More resources below

Parent Resources

Rules at home


"3 Household Rules I Never Knew I Needed"

Kids are out of school and back at home. Before chaos and mutiny erupts, establish 3-4 simple household rules that's easy enough for everyone to follow

Check out the link for more details and expounding on the subject.


Want to initiate household chores but don't know where to begin? Good news! The ParentCue website has age-appropriate chores for everyone including a chore chart! The chart has Colossians 3:23 at the bottom to remind everyone in your family why we do chores: We work unto the Lord. 

Home schedule


Idle hands are prone to trouble. Here is a template your family can use to get some ideas on how to stay busy during this season. 

One schedule is write-in only while another is large for inserting the given icons in case your kids are too little to read. 

For families of multiple children, we recommend making a "Special Day" schedule. What this means is you have


Now would be a good time to introduce a "special day" routine for your family.

This is especially good for families with multiple children who often compete for attention.

Give each kid a certain day that's their "special day". (I.E. Your oldest gets Monday, while the younger sibling gets Tuesday) On their special day they can: 

  • Choose what movie the family will watch
  • Pick what everyone will eat for lunch
  • Choose the board game on family game night
  • No chores for the day
  • Video game/device privileges for the day [Experts recommend no more than 1hr/day]

This is your house so you can make the "special day" rules!